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VKontakte allowed to communicate directly to 15 users
Author : svn_dnepr
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23.05.2011 15:53:28
Popular social networking site announced the launch of a functional communication for simultaneous multiple users.
VKontakte allowed to communicate directly to 15 users
When creating multidialoga user can select the buddy from your friends list and assign any name you created the channel. Already invited the interlocutors are able to send requests to connect to a group dialogue to your friends, even those who are not on your friends list creator interviews. Maximum number of participants - 15 people.
functional multidialogov allows you to attach to communications media content (photos, video, audio).
To create multidialog, you must: go to "My Messages", click "Send message" and click on the link "Select a few companions.
While working on our site, we are faced with the lack of an instrument of communication between multiple users simultaneously. Now think about the development of the system. For example, we want to add the ability to share documents and other files "- said the new service developer, Igor Zhukov.
Earlier, the social network allowed users to add to "My Notes" photo, audio and video. And last year, visitors were allowed to publish and view video clips on the pages of Russia's largest video portal RuTube. Also late last year announced the launch of a public page for organizations and stars.

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