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Google has released the final version of Chrome 9
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07.02.2011 10:00:18
In the ninth version of the Google Chrome appeared live search "and a new display technology 3D-graphics. A hacker who can hack Chrome, pledged 20 thousand dollars.
Google has released the final version of Chrome 9
Google has released the ninth version of the web browser Google Chrome. The main new features are support for technology and function WebGL Chrome Instant.
Technology WebGL intended for hardware accelerated 3D-graphics that appear in the browser window. According to the developers, it can display a rather complicated schedule and does not require installing additional software. To demonstrate the new technology created a special website.
Chrome Instant - the same as the "Live Search Google ", Google Instant. Previously, this feature allows you to see search results until the end of the input query has been added to the search engine Google. She now works as you type into your browser.
Google also announced the opening of store applications Chrome Web Store for all U.S. users. To get to the store can be a link located in the window a new tab. Applications in Chrome Web Store are based on web standards and are designed to work inside the browser.
Chrome Web Store is part of a project to develop a cloud operating system. To release the first netbooks based on it was planned in late 2010, but after receiving many negative reviews of the pilot version of a Google postponed the launch of mid-2011.
The last time the Web browser Chrome was updated in early December of 2010, exactly 2 months ago (then went eighth edition). According to Net Applications, in January 2011, Google Chrome for the first time crossed the mark of 10% of the browser market, ending a month with the index 10.7% and was ranked third among the most popular browsers. Superiority on the popularity of Internet Explorer saved with 56%. Firefox in second place with 22,8%
Meanwhile, Google promised to pay 20 thousand dollars in the annual hacker event Pwn2Own, who will be able to hack Google Chrome. The event will be held next month in Vancouver. As noted by The Register, in 2010, Chrome was the only browser hack which bidders failed.

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