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Sony will release a camera with instant location of files on the Web
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13.03.2011 20:25:47
Thanks to the communication module 3G photos and videos from the new Sony device will be uploaded to YouTube, Twitter, Flickr without using a PC.
Sony will release a camera with instant location of files on the Web
Japanese company, Sony is preparing to release the camera (probably in a popular line of Cybershot) with built-in social networking.
According to sources inside the corporation, the machine "locked up " for immediate placement of your pictures and videos on social networks and on the "cloud " services.
Availability of 3G will allow the module without an intermediary (such as computer or tablet) and connect to Wi-Fi networks to upload photos and video clips on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and similar services.
According to sources, the camera will support a new "cloud " mediahranilische from the very Sony. True, free accounts will upload a few dozen photos per month.
Users can also switch to a more expensive fare for expansion space.
release date, as well as the approximate cost of the device is not specified.
Sony will release a camera with instant location of files on the Web
Nevertheless, some online publications were skeptical about the emergence of such a system: in their view, the camera built into the modern smart phones, and so do the pictures of good quality and satisfy the needs of most users.
Moreover, the same Sony last week announced the creation of the most accurate and high-speed CMOS-matrix for mobile phones. Resolution of this sensor is 17.7 megapixels and is the highest in the world.

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