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Gadgets that will hit in 2011
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14.01.2011 09:10:36
Overview of new products presented in January at CES-2011: "flatbed boom ", a variety of motherboards based on the latest chipsets, "blog " of the camera and sensor mouse.
Gadgets that will hit in 2011
The first of the year the world's largest electronics trade show, Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is over. Presented her products will soon appear in stores and it seems to noticeably change the usual "landscape " IT-market. Tablet
CES 2011 was rich in announcements of tablet PCs, which represented more than 80. Most of them are working on an operating system Google Android.
Google introduced at CES, the third version of the platform with a "green robot ", which takes into account the specifics of working with large screens used in tablets. Some new items are already working on Android 3.0 Honeycomb, others are using older versions 2.2 and below.
Presented and the hardware platform, ready to compete with stuffing iPad, - NVIDIA Tegra 2 with dual 1 GHz CPU ARM Cortex-A9 and energy efficient, but the powerful graphics core.
Gadgets that will hit in 2011
The greatest attention is attracted device Motorola Xoom (on the platform, NVIDIA and running Android 3.0), and BlackBerry PlayBook. Both tablets go on sale in the first half of 2011 and regarded as the most likely contenders for the title of the killers iPad. Based on this platform and are on display plates Dell Streak 7 (7-inch 800x480 display, support for third-generation cellular networks, Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.1, GPS; OS - Android 2.2), Acer (10,1-inch Iconia Tab A500), LG (G-Slate supporting HSPA + and OS Android 3.0), as well as similar models branded MSI, Samsung, Asus, HTC. Tablet x86 platform, equipped with Windows 7, the exhibition is also missing; example - the 10.1-inch model from Motion Computing Platform Intel Oak Trail with the latest dual-core CPU Atom Z670 (2 GB of RAM, a 32 - or 64-gigabyte drive SSD, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0, and 3G modules and GPS).
Platform for PC On the eve of SES-2011, Intel officially introduced its newest processors for the mass market - the family of Sandy Bridge, - and intended for them chipsets. Not surprisingly, the exhibition booths abounded by a variety of motherboards based on the latest chipsets. High energy efficiency processors Sandy Bridge, particularly in the mobile versions, you can create enough for them productive platform in a small form factor Mini-ITX. Such is provided by MSI mainboard IM-QM67.
Gadgets that will hit in 2011
Even the company Sapphire, which has long worked exclusively with the products AMD, demonstrated at its booth the motherboard on Intel P67 Express. This board is interested in the presence of chips Lucid HYDRA, which allows you to organize joint work of several graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA. However, the development of new chipsets and AMD are not left out the attention of producers. Thus, the company showed a motherboard Jetway NC85-E350-LF, built on a platform of AMD Brazos. This fee Mini-ITX format comes with pre-installed with the latest dual-core AMD Zacate E-350, which has integrated graphics core AMD Radeon HD 6310. Digital Camera New items "blogging " series of digital cameras Sony - actual Bloggie, Bloggie Duo and Bloggie 3D - allows you to take videos Full HD and do a 4-megapixel still images (including both with video). These cameras provide a stable image in the frame by SteadyShot and capable after connecting to a computer via USB to instantly spread shot on Flickr, Picasa, Facebook or YouTube.
The first of them is equipped with 2.7-inch screen and 4 gigabytes of internal memory, the second offers an optional 2-inch screen on the front panel (apparently, for self shooting), and the third - as one would expect from a 3D model with the letters in the name - equipped with a pair of lenses and stereo, and 2.4-inch autostereoscopic display for viewing the finished material.
Gadgets that will hit in 2011
Respectable digital camcorder (which can, of course, to shoot and a still photo) - offered by Canon. The eldest in the line model HF G10 (price in U.S. is expected to reach $ 1500) has a lens with a 10-fold optical zoom, a few slots for memory cards SDXC (up to 16 gigabytes each) and 3.5-inch touchscreen display, capable of recording video formats up to Full HD. The simplest of the presented innovations - HF R20 camera with built-in memory to 8 GB, 28 x digital zoom and a 3-inch display. Estimated cost - about $ 380 in the U.S..
video technology
LCD monitors reached, it seems, the zenith of its perfection - that means no space for their further development. CES-2011 showed that the future is already on new technologies - especially for screens OLED.
Samsung has demonstrated at the show all set to launch a production model of transparent (transmittance 30%) 19-inch AMOLED-display. Permission is it true, just 960h540 points, and brightness - 200 cd / m², but it is twice thinner than standard LCD panels and consumes two-thirds less energy than a LCD-screen is the same size.
LCD panel meanwhile continued to set record size. At CES American company Vizio showed ready for mass production fiftieth 58-inch models of its TVs, as well as technological prototype 71-inch LCD monster.
All of these devices have a resolution 2560h1080 pixels, ie aspect ratio for them - 21:9, the so-called CinemaScope; precisely on such parameters removed most of the modern blockbuster, intended for display on large screens. How much demand will CinemaScope format among retail customers? If the LCD panel will continue to get cheaper at the same rate, it is quite likely an aspect ratio of 21:9 will soon be at home not in the least more popular than 16:9, and certainly more popular than the current "3D " (c bothersome glasses ).
Gadgets that will hit in 2011
Microsoft Touch Mouse By the way, add three-dimensional perception of planar traditional computer interface capable of new computer mouse touch the body, such as shown in the "Microsoft Touch Mouse. Virtually all of "back " This mouse is a multisensory panel, able to perceive the gestures made by one, two or three fingers simultaneously. The mouse connects to the computer 2.4-GHz radio channels and is capable of detecting movement on any surface (except perhaps a mirror or completely transparent. Not a fact, of course, that such a device would be convenient conventional mice: too much involuntary hand movements are converted into commands that the user did not intend to give. In the U.S. this miracle of technology will be sold at $ 80.

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Gadgets that will hit in 2011
Overview of new products presented in January at CES-2011: "flatbed boom ", a variety of motherboards based on the latest chipsets, "blog " of the camera and sensor mouse.
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