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Apple introduced a new generation of laptops MacBook Pro
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25.02.2011 19:49:17
The new line of Apple introduced the model MacBook with 13,3 -, 15,4 - and 17 inch displays. Models with the smallest screen equipped with a dual-core processor, Intel Core, great - quad-core Core i7.
Apple introduced a new generation of laptops MacBook Pro
Apple introduced an updated line of laptops MacBook Pro. Design Notebook remained almost unchanged. Weight and dimensions of the device remains unchanged, according to Apple. However, a new line of Pro got new Intel Core processors and supports data transfer Thunderbird.
Appropriate slot located on one side of the laptop and allows data transmission at speeds of 10 gigabits per second. For comparison, the theoretical data transfer rate on the standard USB 2.0 is 480 megabits per second.
In the line of MacBook Pro continues to include models with 13,3 -, 15,4 - and 17-inch display. However, the total number of models was reduced from six to five.
Apple offers two models with 13.3 - and 15.4-inch screens. Two models with the smallest screen equipped with dual-core Intel Core with a frequency of 2,3 and 2,7 GHz, respectively.
Apple introduced a new generation of laptops MacBook Pro
15.4 - and 17-inch MacBook Pro received a quad-core Core i7. It is also noted that the new laptops Apple switched to the graphics system AMD Radeon. Earlier in the laptops use the graphics main competitor AMD - company Nvidia.
Apple introduced a new generation of laptops MacBook Pro
Cost MacBook Pro in the USA starts from 1199 dollars, and they are already available in Apple stores and ordering the company's website. In Ukraine, the cost is not known yet. According to the press service of Apple, they will go on sale soon.

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