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Editors to create and retouch bitmap
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28.02.2011 22:26:55
Depending on the type of graphics you want to work, tools, allowing the final count to create certain kinds of computer graphics can also be divided into respective species.
Editors to create and retouch bitmap
Initiate a review of the designated type editors should probably with PaintBrush , included in the standard package Windows. Many are beginning to learn the basics of computer graphics with this program, which is very simple and available in the development without special skills. This editor allows you to create simple geometric shapes, kresliity lines of various widths, typing. In this case, all the created objects can be edited: resize, rotate, copy from one location and paste into another, change color. The work in this editor provides a good preparation for the development of more complex trade packages.
The clear leader among such packages certainly have Adobe Photoshop (plakat1, Fig.2), recognized by both professionals and amateurs. Ostannya5-I version of the "Colossus" Adobe Systems Incorporated provides designers and other professionals in the field of computer graphics fantastic opportunity.
Watching from his birth package Adobe Photoshop today has grown into a powerful image editor, you can marvel at the fact that if the developers manage to keep simplicity and ease of development programs. At that time, how to master the other "pikseledrobiteli" from version to version is becoming increasingly difficult, even a casual user can run the package without the practice of Photoshop and run it a simple operation. In addition, the developers of each new version of the program successfully embodies a long list of user feedback.
Editors to create and retouch bitmap
List of updates in Photoshop5 offers a new palette of History (History). This feature is so convenient that it must be addressed. In the palette displays a list of all operations performed on the image (the maximum amount you can set), and click on any of them returns an image in a state in which it was after this operation. The work can be stored under any name "snapshots (snapshot) of the document, which facilitates the comparison of previous and current versions. However, remember that the "images" are stored only temporarily, and when you close the image will be lost unless they do not keep constantly as new files.
Editors to create and retouch bitmap
In addition, we must bear in mind that large images with a long history of quickly fill all the allocated temporary disk space. History palette change means working with images, providing much more than ever the freedom to experiment.
Of particular note is a completely new opportunities for working with text. Now when you type in the dialog box Type (text), the image is updated immediately, and the text appears with the selected color, the shape and a size. The text can be edited even after scaling, rotation or tilt. In addition, it is possible, without closing the dialog box, change the location of the text in the image.
Previously, Photoshop lets you change the text only globally. In versii5 editing is allowed at the level of characters within a text block can change the attributes, such as an offset from the baseline and font size. Developers Adobe added a new tool to set the text vertically.
Very interesting new addition to Layer Effects (Effects of the layer). Instead of performing many complex operations with channels to create shadows for vigraviruvannya text, lights, and squeezing in and out, using Layer Effects to obtain such effects can be just a few seconds. Application Layer Effects to the existing level of change all the images at this level. The strength of Layer Effects does not end there, because any new images that are placed on the same level, get a similar effect. Thanks to the implementation of this powerful feature, the new Photoshop saves users from having to purchase several additional modules that are trying to create similar effects, which focus on the operations of the channels of macro commands. The design of Web-pages feature Layer Effects saves many hours of working time. For example, you can quickly create a series of buttons with an identical height and angle of shadows, each of which will contain the extruded text is being edited.
The new version has been given much attention to working with color. Our own panel of Gamma Control (Setting range) package Photoshop (for monitor calibration) was provided support for profiles KodakICC, which is a more standardized solution. (When you first open the images created in earlier versions of Photoshop, a dialog box appears with a proposal to convert colors) preferred the Web-design more traditional use of Photoshop for printed images, Adobe has made a new color space "standard RGB (standard RGB, sRGB ) default profile The intention of this will make the colors in the image on the same systems with different monitors.
In versii5 adds support for mixed colors, making it easier to immigrate to the process of additional plates (similar forms for coating or metallic paints). If you are running 48-bit RGB or 64-bit images CMYK, you can now use a few more than ever, tools and commands Photoshop, but most of the features of the program under these conditions still remain elusive.
The new version offers several useful tools that can improve productivity. Magnetic Tools Rap (Magnetic Pen), and Magnetic Lasso (magnetic lasso) when you drag on the image are contrasted field, "glued" to the logical edges and accelerate the process of selecting objects. New Tool for Measure (line) in addition to other features makes it easy to edit distorted scan results. A team of Align (Align) allows you to align related level, making it easier, for example, centering header in the photo without the help of guides. Yet perfected palette Actions (Actions), and now involves working with the contours, the selection area and the teams Calculate (calculated). Transformation can be applied within the selected regions and contours, not only to their content.
Difference between version 5, updated almost perfect reconstruction of this year versii5.02 ta5.05, is that during the installation of this product adds to the Windows Control Panel program Adobe Gamma, which allows more or less correctly display colors not only in the editor, but in all other applications. All of these capabilities - excellent realized and not impede the original simple and intuitive user interface package Adobe Photoshop.
Among the packages that are intended to create a static two-dimensional computer art in Windows, a professional interest in the program editing bitmap painting Painter firm Fractal Design. Painter has a fairly wide range of drawing and color. In particular, it simulates a different brush (pencil, pen, charcoal, airbrush, etc.), allows imituvatty akvarillyu drawings and oil, as well as achieve the effect of the natural environment.

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