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Created 25-dollar computer the size of a stick
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11.05.2011 10:33:20
In the UK, have developed a computer the size of supercheap USB-stick. It is expected that the novelty may be interested in the educational institutions in developing countries.
Created 25-dollar computer the size of a stick
British game developer David Breben, author of the famous Elite and co-founder of Frontier Developments, has created a tiny and very cheap computer Raspberry Pi.
device, which is comparable in size with a USB-charm works on ARM11 processor with 700 MHz and has 128 MB of RAM. Operating system, applications and data can be stored on a flash memory card format SD / MMC.
At one end Raspberry Pi is an HDMI connector to connect the display, on the other - USB-port for connecting input devices - such as a keyboard.
role of the software platform is an operating system with the kernel Linux, and features a mini-computer, allegedly, enough to run a series of ordinary tasks, in particular video.
To promote the concept of a mini-computer Breben formed an organization Raspberry Pi Foundation. It is assumed that due to its low price - only $ 25 - interested in the development of educational institutions, for example, in developing countries.
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