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Called the invention that after 10 years would change his life
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10.05.2011 15:31:18
The Americans made a list of inventions that within 10 years would change his life on the planet: flying cars, artificial brains and high-speed railway.
Called the invention that after 10 years would change his life
site of the American scientific journal Popular Science has compiled a list of scientific inventions, which over the next ten years will radically change life on the planet.
According to the compilers of the list of inventions, the first big innovation will be the station, built by robots on the moon. This project will be implemented by Japan.
SOLD FIRST turputevku on a flight around the moon
"Despite the long period of reconstruction after the devastating earthquake and tsunami, the project has already been programmed, and there is no other country in the world to be able to complete such a difficult job, " - said Mike Libhold of the Institute for the future, California's scientific establishment, which specializes in the changes that take place in the future.
second large project, which will appear before 2020, can become high-speed railway line which connects London and Beijing. It will pass through 17 countries and linking Europe and Asia.
According to scientists, this building is technically possible, but unlikely to be completed until 2020 due to problems of economic and political nature.
"before 2020 can be implemented, and two more ambitious project: the cars with automatic pilots and flying cars. The development of the latest deals Arpa, Department of the Ministry of Defence, which specializes in developing new technologies for military use " - says the publication.
In addition, by this time, probably biofuels to replace hydrocarbons, the human brain through implanted microchips can control TV, smart phones and computers, all screens will be provided with technology Oled, organic LEDs. Space flights for wealthy people become a reality for the wealthy.
At the same time, scientists from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale, Lausanne, argue that by that time it will be possible to create an artificial brain that can recreate the function of the neocortex and to produce ideas on how the human brain.
Earlier, an American scientist, Professor of Theoretical Physics, City University of New York, Michio Kaku has called the most important discoveries to be made until the year 2100. According to him, by this time people can change how the robot to "Terminator 2 ", as well as contact lenses should be available with access to the Internet and stores human organs.
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