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Google will launch cable TV
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08.11.2011 15:45:37
We also plan to offer paid services to the cable directly to consumers.
Google will launch cable TV

Internet, Google plans to enter the television market by opening another front of competition with the traditional actors in this direction.

The company plans to offer paid services to the cable directly to consumers, however, until this offer applies only to the United States.

Note that in the U.S. and it only works in cities where Google has built a network before high-speed Internet.

Earlier, Google attempted to gain a foothold in the telecommunications market with solutions for video and voice through their own channels, by analogy with cellular and IP-companies.

Sources close to the company say that Google is negotiating with major U.S. television networks such as Walt Disney, Time Warner and Discovery Communications for the transfer of their content on their networks.

Currently, negotiations are not completed and the parties have not come to certain specific conclusions.

In addition, in September, Google has recruited the former head of a major U.S. cable network, Jeremy Stern, who is currently in the negotiation process.

Analysts believe that such discussions emphasize the increasingly tough battle for control of television services.

In recent years, several major mobile companies came on the TV market, cable operators themselves are trying to introduce additional services, trying to find its niche and satellite TV operators.


Amazon's and Apple has stepped up its proposals for television and video content on mobile devices.

sources on Google say that the first phase, Google plans to offer cable TV services in the U.S. Kansas City, where the company has high-speed highway, as well as in Palo Alto, California, where Google also has a leading infrastructure.

first cable television customers from Google to appear in early 2012.

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