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Principle built 3d max animation
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26.11.2010 13:12:31
3D max program used to create different thematic animation, whether it's 3d max animation of animals or humans.
Principle built 3d max animation
Today it is the direction of animation developed in many professional, that at first glance indistinguishable animated characters, from the actually existing.
There are many different ways to make animated characters, but they all have the same foundation - the bone skeleton. This set of additional related objects for managing employee generated wireframe model. 3d max animation of people and animals is built exactly on the same principle.
based 3D graphics and animation.
Nowadays, CGI-imagery (from the words of Computer Graphics Imagery - Image created on the computer) surround us everywhere: on television, in film and even in the pages of magazines. Computer graphics has evolved from specialized areas of interest to scientists kompyutorschikov work which seek to devote themselves to many people. Among the software packages three-dimensional graphics, designed to work on computers such as PC, leader takes 3D Studio MAX2.
general idea of 3D.
The very name of this region - three-dimensional graphics - laid indication of what we have to deal with the three space dimensions: width, height and depth. If you look around you: all that surrounds us, has three dimensions - desk, chair, residential buildings, industrial buildings and even human bodies. However, the term "three-dimensional graphics" is still a distortion of the truth. In fact, three-dimensional computer graphics deals only with two-dimensional projections of an imaginary object three-dimensional world.
To illustrate this, we can provide the operator with video camera with which he takes objects at the room. When, during filming, he moved about the room, then the lens fall into different three-dimensional objects, but when you play a picture you have video on the TV screen will be visible only two-dimensional planar image representing captured images taken a few minutes ago, three-dimensional objects. The scene on the screen looks quite real due to the presence of light sources, the natural colors of all objects and presence of shadows, which give the image depth and make it visually plausible, although it remains just a two-dimensional way.
Principle built 3d max animation
In computer graphics, objects exist only in memory. They do not have a physical form - it is nothing more than a set of mathematical equations and the motion of electrons in circuits. Because the objects of which question can not exist outside the computer, the only way to see them is to add a new mathematical equations describing light sources and camera crews. The program complex 3D Studio MAX2 allows you to perform all of the above operations.
Using a program like 3D Studio MAX2, in many respects is similar to the Shoot with the camera room full of constructed facilities. The program complex 3D Studio MAX2 allows to simulate the room and its content using a variety of basic objects such as cubes, spheres, cylinders and cones, as well as using the tools required to implement a variety of methods to create more complex objects.
Once the model of all objects are created and properly placed in the of the scene, you can choose from a library any ready-made materials, such as plastic, wood, stone, etc. and apply these materials to objects scene. You can also create their own materials, using tools Material Editor (Material Editor) 3D Studio MAX2, by which You can control the color, glossiness, transparency, and even apply scanned images or drawn images to the surface the object looked like it was conceived.
Applying the material objects, you must create an imaginary shooting cameras, lenses through which to observe the virtual three-dimensional world and shoot filling its facilities. By adjusting parameters of virtual cameras can be a wide-angle panorama scene or enlarge the shooting plan to focus on individual fine detail. Package 3D Studio MAX2 supported camera models with a set of parameters typical of this camera or camcorder with which You can watch the scene exactly as what is required by the plan scenario.
To make the scene even more realistic, you can add to its membership light sources. MAX allows you to include a scene light sources of different types, as well as customize the parameters of these sources.
Principle built 3d max animation
three-dimensional space
Working with 3D Studio MAX2 user has to deal with an imaginary three-dimensional space. Three-dimensional space - a cube in cyberspace space created in the computer memory. Cyberspace differs from the real physical world that is created and exists only in computer memory due to the action of special software software.
But like the real space, three-dimensional space as infinitely large. The task of finding objects and orientation can be easily solved through the use of coordinates.
The smallest region of space that can be occupied by some object is a point (point). The position of each point is determined triple of numbers called coordinates (coordinates). An example of the coordinate can serve as a triple (0, 0, 0), which determines the center point of three-dimensional space, also called the origin (origin point). Other examples of the origin may be a triple (200, 674, 96) or (23, 67, 12). Each point in three-dimensional space has three coordinates, one of which determines the height, the other - the width of the third - the depth of the point position. So way through each point can hold three coordinate axes cyberspace.
Coordinate axis (axis) - an imaginary line in cyberspace, determines the direction of change in the coordinates. In MAX, there are three standard axis, called the axes X, Y and Z. You can conditionally assume that the axis X represents the coordinate of the width, the axis Y - height, and the axis Z - depth.

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