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Mozilla has released Firefox is ahead of schedule 6
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18.08.2011 09:37:31
This year, Mozilla has released two new versions of its browser - Firefox Firefox 5 and 6, and for six weeks and will be Firefox 7.
Mozilla has released Firefox is ahead of schedule 6

final version of the browser Firefox 6.0 is now available for downloading from FTP-server, Mozilla, although the official release as such was not yet.

versions available for Windows, for Mac OS X and Linux a few dozen languages, including Ukrainian and Russian.

For Firefox

clearance 6 is not different from the fifth version of the browser, but Mozilla has added several new features. Among them - the ability to set privacy settings for each site separately using the tool about: permissions and "light " domain name in the address bar. It is reported that the new browser is 20% faster than Firefox 5.

version, though the final, but may undergo some changes before the full official announcement, scheduled for Aug. 16. However, if Mozilla does not detect critical failures and errors in Firefox 6, then no changes are necessary.

Firefox 5, a preliminary version of the browser came out June 21. In 2011, the company switched to Mozilla accelerated development cycle - now the new version of Firefox will be released every six weeks.

Thus, release of Firefox plan to release seven early in November, even before it released its beta version. Mozilla Developer Nicholas Nethercote in his blog said that this version significantly reduced memory consumption - up to 50%.

As a result, the browser will run much faster and be less prone to failure, in other words, the less likely that Firefox is suddenly unexpectedly 7 "collapse ", even if many tabs open at once and / or have passed a lot of time between restarts the browser.

Regarding future plans, Firefox 8, according to developers, learn how to block add-ons (add-ons), which are automatically installed in the browser-party programs.

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