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New large-scale project Apple: With headquarters in the form of `UFO`
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18.08.2011 09:30:42
Steve Jobs is building a `best 'office in the world. The new company's headquarters in Cupertino, Apple store more than 12 thousand employees.
New large-scale project Apple: With headquarters in the form of `UFO`

In the U.S., announced

details of the project by Apple to build a new office complex in California, including new photos and drawings.

information about "outer " Apple Campus Complex 2 posted on its website the administration of the city of Cupertino, California.

Announcing the Apple Campus 2, CEO Steve Jobs announced that the development of a new headquarters had been hired some of the best architects in the world.

"This will be the best office in the world ", - he assured.

Apple Campus 2 will be built on an area of ​​175 acres (71 hectares) at the highway 280 connecting San Jose and San Francisco.

total area of ​​four-story building (in the form of a spaceship) - 260 thousand square meters. There will be a conference hall built for a thousand seats, a fitness center, research labs area of ​​28 thousand square meters. m, a dining room for three thousand people and underground parking.

for independent power supply in the new complex will establish their own power?? Central Plant.

Much attention will be paid to landscaping. Plot of 80% will consist of the free development of greenery.

shortly officials plan to hold a series of public hearings, at which the project will be considered from an environmental point of view. Apple expects to obtain the necessary permits prior to 2012, when plans to begin construction. Mayor of Cupertino has expressed the opinion that no obstacle to building a new campus, Apple will not.

Open Apple Campus 2 the company expects in 2015. It is assumed that the Complex will employ more than 12 thousand employees.

new complex will be built in addition to the current headquarters of Apple in Cupertino, accommodating 2,600 jobs.

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