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Scientists have discovered a 3D-video most harmful
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26.07.2011 17:22:24
Scientists warn that overindulgence viewing 3D-films leads to "overdose, " which entails the nausea and disorientation in space.
Scientists have discovered a 3D-video most harmful
Watching movies in 3D format can cause not only nausea and dizziness, but also lead to severe eye fatigue, and pain in the neck and back.
ArsTechnica writes about it with reference to the study by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, published in Journal of Vision.
According to the report, 24 volunteers, who had just looked a three-dimensional video, reported more eye strain and fatigue, as well as deterioration of visual acuity than with conventional, 2D-video.
Changing the position of focus point (display surface) and vergentsii (coordination between the eyes), the researchers concluded that a strong visual fatigue arises from a mismatch between the depth of the screen and the depth of 3D-image.
If the two-dimensional video, these two points are always on the same level, for 3D - are constantly changing. The eye can perceive objects in the 3D-video, as being "beneath the surface " screen, or, conversely, in front of her. Health problems may arise in the event that a person sits too close to the display.
As it turned out, when viewing 3D-video on a fairly remote from the viewer's display (eg, cinema), the most uncomfortable - and, consequently, the potential harm to health - has caused the picture with objects deeper plane of the screen.
At the same time, if the 3D-view movies from close range - that is home to the technology-enabled TV, computer or mobile device - the worst thing would be to "popping " from the screen image details.
So, to minimize eye strain viewers, the creators of 3D-films should make different versions for rental and for home viewing.
Scientists warn
regular viewers that overreliance on viewing 3D-films leads to "overdose " three-dimensional image. As a frequent change of three-dimensional frame entails nausea, retching, dizziness and disorientation in space, look 3D-movies more than a few hours a day is not recommended.

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