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Rating of attendance sites in Ukraine
Author : svn_dnepr
Views: 45196
21.06.2011 16:01:45
Submitted by rating site traffic on the territory of Ukraine as of 21.06.2011
Rating of attendance sites in Ukraine

rating agency granted Alexa Rank.

Alexa Toolbar

a Google Óêðà

google.com.ua Outstanding Ukrainian-language search engine. Search pages from the world or from Ukraine ....

2 Google

google.com Enables users to search for information in the world, including Web pages, images and video. Suggestions ...

3 V Kontakte

vkontakte.ru most popular social networking engineering in Russia.

Pochta@Mail.ru 4

mail.ru Full-mail system. Address Book, Anti-Virus. Web-based, POP3 and WAP. Sel ...

5 YouTube - Broadcast yourself

youtube.com YouTube is a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. Upload, tag and share ...

6 yandex.ua

yandex.ua search engine "Yandex" is the seventh among the top search sites of the world by the number of search queries processed



facebook.com social utility that connects people to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and ...

Yandex 8

yandex.ru web searching in the light of Russian morphology, the ability of regional specification. ...

9 Wikipedia

wikipedia.org the free encyclopedia built together using a wiki. (Creative Commons Attribution-Sh ...

10 Web service uCoz

ucoz.ru SaaS platform, which includes hosting and content management system ....

11 Google

google.ru Russian version of the search engine.



livejournal.com LiveJournal is a rich, community media platform that willfully blurs the lines between journali ...

13 ex.ua

ex.ua - file exchanger, a torrent is a tracker, a national portal

14 Blogger.com

blogspot.com free, automated blog publishing tool that sends updates to the site via FTP

Odnoklassniki 15

odnoklassniki.ru Russian classmates and old friends reunion site.

16 UkrNet ISP

ukr.net - Ukrainian national portal

17 LiveInternet.ru

liveinternet.ru Statistics Service rating sites + sites. Service personal diaries (blogs). News stories -...

18 I.ua

i.ua Information Portal, information and entertainment. The mail system, bulletin board, directory of Internet-...

19 rutracker.org

rutracker.org - National rosiysky torrent tracker

20 Twitter

twitter.com social networking and microblogging using instant messaging, SMS or Web interface.

21 Yahoo!

yahoo.com major internet portal and service provider offering search results, customizable content, cha ...

22 vk.com

vk.com - the international version of OpenID

23 Rambler

rambler.ru Information retrieval system in the light of Russian morphology ....

24 Narod

narod.ru - sayloobmennaya network Yandex

Korrespondent.net 25

korrespondent.net Ukrainian information and news portal. Forums, blogs, mailing ....

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