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Ukraine has begun to sell domestic competitor IPad
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02.03.2011 10:55:30
On February 28 in Ukraine started selling tablet domestic manufacturer - ImPad, the approximate value of which reaches 6,000 hryvnia.
Ukraine has begun to sell domestic competitor IPad

On February 28, 2011 the company "Navigation " launched its services on the second model, a series of plates "ImPad " - 0410, with a large screen at 11.6 inches, as well as 4G-modem from operator " Freshtel ", which provides wireless Internet access in Kiev and the region.

Unlike previous models Impression ImPAD 1410, a new version of the tablet has a stylish design and slim body. The advantage is support for video playback with a resolution of Full HD 1080p.

According to the company, the tablet is sold with a docking station that can be used as a stand and charging. The device has 3 USB-out keyboard, mouse, headphones and a jack for wired Internet .

Ukraine has begun to sell domestic competitor IPad

Also Impression ImPAD 0410 has built-in HD-video accelerator that improves the quality of viewing video content that offloads the processor and reduces power consumption.

Using solid-state 32GB hard drive (SSD) helps to extend battery life.

Now that tablet is only sold through the company's website, but soon will also appear in other online stores and electronic networks. Approximate cost of 6,000 hryvnia.

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