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Vector graphics editor.
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28.02.2011 22:38:14
Post a review of this program group should probably be with CorelDraw, as one of the most recognized and popular packages for creating vector graphics
Vector graphics editor.
CorelDraw8 (plakat1, Figure 4) - is a powerful and versatile package, which, as always, includes a full set of various programs and applications. PhotoPaint8, SorelDream3D8, 1000 fonts Type1 and TrueType, 40,000 ready-made images, 1000 high-resolution photographs and many other useful things.
For almost a decade, the company successfully Corel CorelDraw package is for domestic use, also had "semi-professional" designers and other fahiftsyam, working mostly on Windows. But the society of professional designers for a long time virtually ignored this powerful and constantly updated software. Now developers from Ottawa turned their eyes just for professionals, most of whom remain faithful to their platform Macintosh.
To date, the company Corel has supported two different versions of Draw: for Macintosh and PC. CorelDraw6 gives a first cross-platform version of the product (although until last month for the Macintosh version behind the Windows version for about 6 months). To increase the value of the acquisition, the company Corel has included a set of the first version of the package for Macintosh Corel Photo-Paint, a successful rival Adobe Photoshop, have long been distributed as part of Draw for Windows. Corel seriousness of purpose with regard to professional users confirms both decorated with a tasteful new packaging package and write in it with a new slogan: "The choice of professionals." The package includes a 100-page guide Commercial Printing Guide (Guide-commerce print).
While Adobe Illustrator7.0 (the first working version for the PC in recent years) disappointed at the lack of new features in it, Macromedia FreeHand8 Draw8 and trying to offer designers the most convenient tools. The developers of both programs are familiar with the strengths of competing products, it is not surprising that the most popular features have appeared in successive versions of both packages. In practice and FreeHand8, and Draw8 allow the user to imitate each other. In addition to allowing complete customization of the desktop, in Draw8 there is a predefined set of parameters that allow you to choose a familiar environment, similar to Illustrator or FreeHand-way Corel aims to alleviate the plight of professionals, who often change their working tool.
The new implementation FreeHand were simulated Corel-ovsky lens transparency, free rotation, tilt and rotate objects by means of drag-and-drop, as well as the "rubber" the contours and shape modification tools of objects, on the other hand, a new tool Free Transform (Free conversion) CorelDraw8 long familiar to users of FreeHand, while "obektopodibni" guides, or you can group, tilt and rotate, did not seem to be innovations fans pack Illustrator. And the interesting tools Interactive Distortion (interactive distortion), Push-and-Pull (Push-pull), Zipper (Zip) and Twister (skruchuvatel) have counterparts in the package as FreeHand, and in Illustrator. Also, Corel should thank the company Hara, a developer package Corel Xara, who became the primary source tools Interactive Fill (Interactive shading) and the Interactive Transparency (Interactive transparency), as well as the properties panel. Well, the long-awaited feature locks on objects that appeared in Draw8, long familiar to seasoned users of many other programs.
Vector graphics editor.
The variety of instruments reproducing Draw can be reason enough for fans to FreeHand (especially Illustrator) drew attention to the new version. In the program, and many smaller ones, but nice improvements that are not found in any of the competing applications - a palette of 48 pastel shades of any of the selected color palette, a tool for creating gradients Interactive Transparency and the ability to create Web pages in the style of WYSIWYG.
The presence of an expanded collection of powerful tools for creating and editing bitmap images in Draw8, enhanced support for additional modules Photoshop, virtually znischuyu to exit the program when any art project. To carry out pixel by pixel editing, the package PhotoPaint can be launched with one click. Draw and PhotoPaint program has been carefully refined in order to get as close as the appropriate user interface.
Perhaps the most compelling argument that should force users to FreeHand and Illustrator better pridivitasya to Draw8, will become the program's ability to interactively apply effects to the objects on the screen in real time, eliminating the tedious movements in the style of "back and forth" between palettes and dialog boxes . In version Draw7 company Corel add interactivity to a function Blend (Go), which will accelerate the creation of transitions. In the same program are interactive and diverse functions Fountain Fill (gradient fills), which makes it possible to directly fill the contours means drag-and-drop (For the history, function razmalovuvannya color samples means drag-and-drop was first implemented package FreeHand.)
Vector graphics editor.
This year, steel and other interactive tools, the effects of three-dimensional extrusion and extrusion act immediately. Contours, which change the shape of the object (envelope), can now be manipulated directly. New Tool Interactive Drop Shadow (Drop Shadow) creates a soft, transparent shadows. Interactive tools Push-and-Pull, Zipper and Twister package Draw differ from similar in that they allow to directly edit the effects, like effects and instruments package FreeHand, most effects in Draw are dynamic, so you can edit them and return to them after using other instruments up until the results will not be divided or convert to outlines (paths).
Traditionally one of the weaknesses of the package CorelDraw was the lack of support functions required for service bureaus. It depends on several factors, including the fact that most service bureaus were equipped with a platform Macintosh (now many of them moving to Windows NT). But, although Corel is not a blind eye to problems with compatibility with PostScript in previous versions of Draw (PostScript does not support unique transparency effects Draw), the majority of complications associated with want of qualification of the users Draw, which usually do not have such an experience prepress, which have users of Illustrator and FreeHand.
Master Prepare for Service Bureau Wizard (Preparations for the service bureau) in version Draw8 serves many in chomu similar to the command Collect for Output (Collect for Output) package QuarkXPress, - Need for both novice and experienced professionals. He will gather all necessary for printing or other elements of the original operation, assuming the necessary fonts and creating files in the format suitable for sending a service bureau. To ensure the correct preparation and preservation of works in the proper format for output, the company Corel has collected a huge database, which contains various information about the service bureau. For more information on service bureaus can be obtained from the Web site of the company Corel. All this, of course, does not replace the invaluable personal experience, but will allow novice users to avoid the most obvious mistakes. Improvements in command Draw8 Import (Import) allows for once to perform multiple file uploads. Filters read and write Illustrator have been revised and now include support for files Illustrator7.0, so most of the special fills and transparency, created in documents Draw, can now be exported without a loss and opened the package Illustrator7.0.
Processing capabilities of the text and creating documents Draw8 version is no worse than similar, given the competition, although the developers did not Corel has upgraded poorly implemented in previous versions of a Portable Document Format from Adobe. Wizard Publish to Internet Wizard (Publish on the Internet) in Draw was presented possibilities of setting up Web pages with style WYSIWYG, support Cascading Style Sheets (kaskadovanih table lists) and LAYER company Netscape (To implement these functions in the program FreeHand8 need an additional package of Design in Motion) .
When writing this review, Corel Corporation has anonsuvala9 th version, and already got a beta version. The main differences from previous versions of CorelDRAW9 following:
1. Increased optimization for the WEB-design, there is support for perekristnih hyperlinks to create complex PDF documents and WEB-sites;
2. added some new tools, such as Connector (unifier) - drawing connecting lines in the form of polygons with kolinom90 , Interactive Contour-interactive circuit;
3. All drop-down palette changes in docking (which are joined), where there was also an opportunity to close an open tab (similar to the interface of many Microsoft products Adobe Systems). The new version of PhotoPaint also some new features:
a) Improved EPS export;
b) support QuickTime3;
c) import images directly from almost 120 models of digital cameras.
Adobe Illustrator is a "professional" sister Draw. Ensuring maximum compatibility with Draw8, in this package, starting with the 7-th version, implemented all the basic functions work with vector objects.
Army of many thousands of fans CorelDRAW, which uses this package, mainly for internal use (maetsya means output to a printer, not printing), was perfectly satisfied that had until now. So popular CorelDRAW can be explained as follows. First, the lack of a more or less east of most of the features of competing packages for editing vector graphics.
preliminary and rather old version Illustrator4.1 was so primitive that even gradient fills can be built only by the operation of Blend (and what a long and uncomfortable). Secondly, most users of CorelDRAW, as a rule, the specialty more programmer than artists, and are therefore very satisfied numerous libraries of ready images, which in sufficient quantities are available with this package. With the advent of package Corel Illustrator7.0 have appeared not only rival in terms of creation and editing of vector objects, but also a package that is far ahead of the latter in preparing materials for printing, as Illustrator format supported by all hardware used in this area (Phototypesetters , PostScript printers, etc.).
Vector graphics editor.
Along with the advent of Adobe Illustrator7.0 much easier to transmit the image from PC to Macintosh, as Illustrator7.0 supported format. Eps , which satisfies both platforms.
Those involved in preparing images for printing, familiar difficulties with the test EPS-files. This is particularly necessary for the use of certain design elements, images and texts that are difficult to replicate is not in the native editor, in which they were created (eg, QuarkXpress), since all the packages layout instead of the EPS-screen image can be seen only by his exemplary form (Preview). In Illustrator7.0 can not only see the image itself, but also edit it.
For skeptics who are familiar with Illustrator4.1 and convince themselves that CorelDRAW to satisfy their needs time and nazvzhdy, it should be noted that the version Illustrator4.1 also differs vid7.0 as simple PaintBrush from the well-known Photoshop.
With the development of electronic document many packages have to include functions for creating and editing documents in electronic form. Illustrator7.0 also fully supports the Acrobat Portable Document Formal (PDF-format) for the construction of electronic documents. You can open and edit PDF-files, save images in PDF-format, which was built in the language of PostScript Level2. PDF-format can be submitted in vector graphics, as well as in bitmap format. PDF-documents are similar to documents in EPS-format, but other than that, they can also provide information on search and navigation, for example, hypertext links and tables of contents.
Because Illustrator can open PDF-files, you can use the vector objects or bitmap images from any PDF-file in a new image. You can also use Illustrator, create your own PDF-page. To edit a page PDF-file, you must open the file after select it from below, edit it, then save the whole file. Edit page will automatically restart in the PDF-file.
Starting familiarity with the package, you will not find yourself in a foreign environment, because many UI elements familiar from other packages family Adobe-Photoshop and PageMaker. In addition, Illustrator7.0 support mechanism for drag-and-drop inside the package (for example, "movement" can not just change the color of an object, but also "take out" pattern from the palette Patterns, edit it and paste back) and in relation to other packages that support the format Illustrator.
If you work a lot of graphics packages, it is well know how important it is to perform various operations carried out "Shortcutamy" and keep your eyes on the screen. Based on the experience of specialists, we can say that the most convenient for blind keys in the lower left corner and the bottom row of the keyboard. From this point of view, Illustrator7.0 very convenient to navigate and zoom the window file (that has to do quite frequently) by pressing Ctrl, Alt, Spacebar, without changing the tool and not vidriviyuchy view of the image. And to create a curve of any complexity PEN tool and edit it almost enough to press the Alt key and mouse button (this action is so simple that even does not provide dialog-box for the transactions).
When working with a large number of superimposed one upon the other objects should act very carefully so as not to offend too much. In such cases all that is not currently required, and select "close (Lock), but usually it takes is a few mouse clicks. In Illustrator7.0 it is done very elegantly hold the desired object, shotcutom "closed" all objects except the object that you "hold". Moreover, if you edit the object in the mode of Artwork and now you are interested in the appearance of only the object, the regime Preview Selection show in color only necessary, leaving the rest in the "wire" form (which in itself is convenient, especially when Your graphics card is poor). For even the most sophisticated of artists, too few cooked. Fully comprehend and appreciate the image that is created, prevents all unnecessary, even a thin line, limiting the selected objects (Edges), which can hide the command Hide Edges. Well, if you are unsure, or improve the overall look of the image element zvivsya, then by using the Hide Selection and feedback we can estimate the result of not moving in the direction of the object that you are looking for a place.
Benefit - the definition should be applied to the instrument, draw, especially instruments for polygons, stars and spirals, while working with them do not require prior input parameters, and by a single click you can create, rotate, enlarge or reduce the number of faces, traffic and placed in the correct location is fairly complex shape. Thus, to produce the desired object is not to shift the window of a file to a blank space images, thanks to chomu you save time and not get tired eyes from the endless movement and perevivodiv screen.
With regard to transformation tools, at first glance, the division of all its functions (Move, Rotate, Scale, Reflect, Shear) between the various tabs tool palette may seem inconvenient. But it is justified not only by the fact that each of them planted an additional tool. If you point to it the mouse cursor, while a time by clicking on its button, you can change or premises wholly or insult them fill immediate. Double-clicking on the mouse button causes the dialog box, which allows not only the exact changes, but shows the result of a future conversion and makes it possible to develop it with a copy of an object without changing the source.
Vector graphics editor.
If roughly imagine the work the artist to create a vector image, it actually boils down to "draw" shapes and lines, their "color", saying the computer language - a destination vector objects Fill (Fill) and stroke (Stroke). If the possibility of modifying the type of fill (color, gradient, pattern) does not limit the degree of freedom of the artist, the scope of modifications of the stroke rather rigid, changing only the width and color. Illustrator7.0 has an outstanding team Outline Path (outer loop), it allows for a stroke, after "found" its width, to make a Compound Path (complex contour), where you can unburden his heart, asking him any fill.
Very often, broad strokes (of the same color as the fill) is used for the modification of fullness, fat complex shapes, most often the letters.

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