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What is hosting - a manual for dummies
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20.02.2011 20:44:33
In this article we will talk about what is the meaning of the mysterious word "hosting ", which often occurs in the price lists and brochures.
What is hosting - a manual for dummies
The word "hosting ", like many other words from an Internet lexicon originated from the English language the word "host ", which has, in fact, there are several meanings: the host, the host device, the host computer, keeper of the inn . What's interesting option "keeper of the inn, " is the closest to the correct interpretation of the term. In fact, the word "hosting " means the placement of your pages on the Internet.
Why is there a need for hosting? Suppose you have created a web site available to a page on his computer. Now before you the following question arises: how to put the Internet to a user at any time could have access to it? Of course, we can make this page from the Internet, any visitors can browse directly from your computer. But it does mean that, firstly, your computer must be constantly turned on, and secondly, is permanently connected to the Internet, and third, an Internet connection should occur with good speed - because if several people want to see your site, then speed of conventional dial-up connection may not be enough. That's not to mention the fact that you have to additionally install a fairly complex software.
Host - Main Unit
You see, the placement of pages on the Internet on your PC is connected with big problems and costs. But there is a way that allows you to get rid of a headache on this topic. This method is called - hosting. In this case, your internet page is not physically located on your PC and server company, which provides hosting services, that is to deploy your Web page. And this service is very expensive, and besides, there are quite a large number of companies that provide hosting services generally for free (just below I'll explain why).
Let's talk about what is included in the hosting services, which ones you need and what is not, as usually it is all worth it and what problems you will encounter.
The fact that the hosting service - a concept quite broad. So, before you choose a "host " - companies that provide similar services - you should clearly imagine what you want.
The most basic type of hosting - is to provide space for a page. That is, firm-hoster identifies you on the hard drive of your server for some space (it usually ranges from 2 to 50 megabytes). In this case, it is considered that your website consists of several ordinary internet pages, and you do not use any additional funds, which implies the use of databases, scripts (programs running on the server) and dynamically generated pages.
If you do the usual home page (information about yourself, your hobbies, plus photos of you on the pot and the cat Barsik at a time when he's fighting claw lens), then this type of hosting is usually sufficient. You are proud to launch some well-known editor, like FrontPage, with their own hands creating this page, and then upload it to the provider website and proudly tell everyone he knew the address to which this page can be found on the Internet. Hosting - Accommodation pages at the ISP
By the way, in different types of hosting differently solved the problem downloading your page on the server host. Ideal - when you have the opportunity to upload your page on FTP (via file transfer protocol). In this case, you can use any convenient FTP-client (in my opinion, it is best to use the ftp-client program FAR: in this case your page on the server host looks like a normal directory, where you can copy files in the same way as, for example, in Norton Commander), allowing you to view files in your pages on the server, delete, edit and copy files to a page with your computer to the server host.
In some cases, FTP-entry is not granted, and that means you have to upload your files via a special web-form, which is rather inconvenient. Sometimes it happens that requires you to close all the files in the archive, then upload to the site hosting the archive file, which will then be deployed special software. Of course, all these distortions to anything, and you should choose this type of hosting, which provides a normal FTP-login.
The usual host (a few megabytes for your site) provide almost all the providers when you sign a contract with them on how to connect to the Internet. Almost always, the contract provider stated that you provided free of charge 2 (in some cases - 5 or more) megabytes to accommodate the home page. Providers often even placed on the seat reserved for your site, something like a piece you just a few minutes you can 'hone "on their tasks, thereby making its front page on the Internet.
uploads the data to the site, usually by FTP
I would also like to say about so-called free hosting service - When you are given a place under your page on one of the major servers (and this place could even be quite significant, and even unlimited), and the money for this service you do not take. Suspicious users, who understand that free cheese is only in one single place - the mousetrap must appease: you can actually put there own page, and you would not have to pay. But on the other hand, free web hosting has several significant drawbacks, because of what I still would not advise you to use the similar kind of services. Here cons of free hosting:
1) On these servers are located hundreds and even thousands of pages, because of what often happens with him quite a bad connection, but often this connection is not at all, and your page is just a "is not responding ".
2) There does not always provide FTP-Access.
3) Often, these servers are part of your pages use at your own advertising: place your own banners (ad units) or turntable (system menu), advertising some of their services. Of course, the look of your page with the great spoils.
4) Most banner exchange networks generally do not accept in its ranks webmaster (this term refers to the owners of a beautiful internet pages), which have their own pages on the free servers. Sometimes the restrictions are imposed on some network directories. Why is there such discrimination? Mainly due to the fact that free hosting is characterized by very low reliability (a situation where your page is not responding, can be quite often), and in addition, these servers are almost always serve only the launching pad: they placed the very first home page, and when their owners pass the euphoria of the fact of the appearance of their pages on the Internet, they begin to deal with their child more seriously and gone already paid, and accordingly - much more reliable hosting.
Once you have created your first child of evil (the usual nightmarish home page), you begin what is called, wanting more. You have not seen in the Internet his smiling face and a proud inscription: "Hello to my new home page on the Internet. The page is under construction ". You already want everything to be "as in people ". What does this mean? This means that you need all sorts of services, which provide feedback to the visitors of your page: forum, chat, guestbook, and so on. After all, a friend of Tolyan must leave in the guestbook on your page immortal entry: "Kolya" was at cha on the site! Vasche Well, damn, cool and all that! "".
In principle, we do not bother, because the Internet is always possible to find free forums, guestbooks and chat rooms. But they also have their major drawbacks, the most important of which is that these services are physically located, not where is your page. This means that if your server is running fine, but the server with the forum, for example, does not respond, visitors will see your site and the forum will not write anything. As a result of your good name the webmaster will be covered in shame.
But that's not all. The second major drawback of free services is still in the fact that all entries in the guestbook and forum are not kept from you, and if suddenly there will some sort of accident, the records will simply be lost! But this is a piece of your life, and I would like to save for the edification of future generations!
Therefore, many webmasters prefer such important in the life of the site things like forum and guestbook, keep on your page. However, this fact automatically implies that the server hosting to run scripts (programs) that can record messages from people on your page. Somehow different (without scripts) can not do this. Find free scripts guestbook and forum - it is easy (they are in abundance on many sites). Much harder to make these scripts are executed on the server, where host your page. And here is already beginning the mass of any problems. First, programs for internet pages are not written in one language, but on different. You can find a free program, for example, in the language of PHP, and then you find that your hoster supports (ie carry permits) program for Perl 's, but does not support programs written in PHP. In addition, some types of forums and guest books (not to mention the other services) may require the server some kind of database - MySQL, MicrosoftSQL and so on.
So in this case, you, as you see from the hosting provider already may want to get more service than just providing space for the pages of your site. And here is another story begins. A full-featured hosting service (a significant place for your page, support scripts, databases, and several additional services, which includes the dynamic generation of html-pages (support for Server Side Include - SSI)), are generally not included in the free service provided to connect to any any provider. If your usual nightmarish home page during your work is filled with great content, and you already want to be able to build on it, any services that wish to handle your naughty and restless soul, then we need to think about how to get the already full-fledged web hosting, which includes All you need services.
Free hosting has a lot of cons
In this case you should first decide what exactly you need (for example, up to 50 megabytes of space for the site, scripting support for Perl, MySQL database and support SSI), and then select the firm (as a rule, almost all the providers offer different web hosting services) , focusing on the range of services and price. Usually the price for this kind of hosting lies in the range of 5 to 35 dollars per month (depending on the location for the site and the number of services).
What is hosting - a manual for dummies
When your site is transformed into something demonic, it will go to thousands or even tens of thousands of visitors a day, the number of scripts will be over a few dozen, and space for the server will be missed, that's when you'll have to start thinking already about an entirely different level - one's own Internet server, whereby you have no problem with the place under the site, and the hoster will cease to complain that your scripts give a very heavy load on his computer, and that other horrible homepages suffer terrible inconvenience arising from the neighborhood with your site.
Normal hosting costs from 5 to 35 dollars a month Setting your own an Internet server (specialized computer and software) associated with the solution of such a complex problem that, in this article we will talk about them will not. I will only say about the spending for which you have to go, not counting the cost of computer and software installation: place your own server for hosting (it will be called not hosting, colocation (colocation)) will cost a monthly subscription fee (rather big , it is usually from 50 to 300 dollars) plus payment of input traffic (usually paid for only inbound traffic is west, but the provider can take the money and for all traffic).
Well, now you understand what is hosting, and can with good reason to flaunt the term in conversation. Personally, I recommend a casual manner to use phrases such as: "Yesterday my site via FTP perepnul the next host. He promised free Perl, PHP, ASP, MySQL, SSI.'s Lying, perhaps, infection .
Finally - just brief recommendations. If you have a contract with a provider of Internet access, then first use the place for a page that gives the provider. If you are using the corporate access or buy internet cards, then choose a free host, but first try to collect on it as many times (there are special forums on the topic of hosting, and there you will always advise a good option). However, the best - not to mess with free cheese in a mousetrap, and immediately get paid, but reliable hosting that will not clutter your site its advertising, especially now that normal hosting can be found in a fairly nominal fee.

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