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Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
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22.11.2010 15:54:21
April 12, 2010, at 19:00 Moscow time was officially announced a new line of Microsoft products Adobe Systems.
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
April 12, 2010, at 19:00 Moscow time was officially announced a new line of Microsoft products Adobe Systems. This, of course, about the Creative Suite 5, the same "five " rumors and half-truths about the innovations which has been a long time, excite the minds of fans. Marketers are Adobe Systems (literate, one must admit, specialists) strongly heated public interest in novelty. So, eager fans of Adobe products for a long time to observe the process of the countdown, after which the public will be available until then hiding information.
And hid it quite good. For example, a press conference on the new package, held March 16, 2010 in one of the most prestigious hotels of Moscow, and was a closed event, the presence of which was realized through the pre-sent out invitations. But this is not enough: present at the pres conference, journalists and media representatives pledged to not disclose information during the meeting until April 12. Well, now, then nothing prevents to convey to the user loses patience with all possible and available information to us.
So tremble, lovers of old familiar: Adobe Premiere CS5 only works on 64-bit system. To explain such discrimination with 32-bit systems is easy. The whole thing in memory, or rather, in its quantity. It is known that 32-bit Windows (architecture x86) can involve no more than four gigabytes (even less) of RAM, which is quite insufficient for normal operation with current volumes of data. While the 64-bit Windows, this restriction does not .
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
become a tradition: whenever a new version of your favorite program user wondering - what it is, the starting splash screen? It would seem - a trifle, but ... curious. The fifth version of Creative Suite developers soriginalnichali lot by doing the splash of all applications included in the package, in the form of colorful origami. Now the subject of precast designer accompanies all products Adobe Systems. The leitmotiv of this is easy to solve: thus highlights the fact that the applications included in the package are a part of one whole, and some programs are running on a common "engine " and can share the same resources .
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
First and The main innovation in new product announced today - is the heart of the program, its engine, which has brand name Adobe Mercury Playback Engine. This technology represents a symbiosis of hardware and rendering (CPU and GPU). If software rendering us not unusual, then the hardware rendering is implemented by the graphics processor architecture using NVIDIA CUDA, which we quite often and actively mention in reviews of new programs. I remember, from all represented here by a list of applications that support NVIDIA CUDA, one of the most interesting and promising development seemed to us brother and Ryutaro Sugiyama Koji (Ryutaro Sugiyama, Koji Sugiyama) - video editor SuperLoiLoScope Venus with an unusual, entertaining game interface. Of all the shortcomings of this program one single feature of her wins: A very smartly really works SuperLoiLoScope Venus with the heaviest AVCHD-stuff! That works, but does not accelerate the completion of work during the rendering, as it is implemented in almost all other applications that use the power of the GPU only for the final coding of the material. At least a similar ease of installation developers promise Adobe, introducing a new, CUDA-oriented display Adobe Mercury Playback Engine. Of course, not every video card NVIDIA fit to complete the work on this engine: have a priority, of course, maps the professional level. Namely - a family of Quadro. What are the advantages of waiting for the owner of this video, decided to start working in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5? In addition to hardware decoding the content being performed and the hardware is rendering professional Quadro graphics cards can smoothly play multiple video streams simultaneously, including video resolution frame 4K (with the frame size professional video recording devices, for example, Red R3D), provides instant and comfortable viewing of the added effect or filter. Incidentally, the list of filters supported by the engine Adobe Mercury Playback, consists of more than 30 titles. However, anyone who deals with video editing on a professional level, self-will in this list of benefits a few more points: Prof. card supports 30-bit color, it necessarily has a DisplayPort output for connecting professional display devices, and, finally, drivers for such Cards are always scrutinized, reliable, and guarantee the stability of working with professional software.
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Prior to the "hard " tests to identify speed, let's consider the main differences between the new version of Premiere Pro from the previous, fourth. Let's start with an examination of major changes in the interface and the modules of the program. These little things often determine the established order, and work for someone can be critical. As can be seen in the figure below, particularly the differences clearly visible or conspicuous, in the interface is not available. In general, it is not surprising. The main difference - it is inside, because the work of the new engine we have seen. Some minor changes are only so-called usability, ergonomics, usability .
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
In concluding this introductory course will hold a short pre-test the new engine Adobe Mercury Playback. The purpose of testing - to get at least a rough idea of what makes winning CUDA encoding and rendering the material that is in the final stage of work. In order during the encoding to be able to see the status of CPU and GPU, we use a proprietary utility NVIDIA System Monitor, a member of the set of NVIDIA System Tools. Miscalculation in the format of H.264 Blu-ray using one of "umolchalnyh " template: HDTV 1080p 25 High Quality. Calculate the three-minute project consisted of several AVCHD-files that were used three hardware-supported filter: Ultra Key, Fast Color Corrector and Timecode. The difference in the rate of end-coding hardware and software methods was not so serious. CUDA Coding forces took 2 minutes 10 seconds (faster than realtime!), The CPU usage stayed at an average of 70-90%, but the loading of the GPU cool jumped from zero to 55%. GPU temperature has increased by just 1 C (here it is, "too good " Cooling System PC).
In the next article we will try to answer the following questions: what kind of effect is supported by the graphics processor card, a friend of Premiere Pro CS5 with older versions of some popular plugins, as far as depends on the speed of the processor and graphics card. Thereby answering a fundamental question: - what is the general reason of transition from the old version to new? But the answer is not unfounded, but with numbers and charts in hand.

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
April 12, 2010, at 19:00 Moscow time was officially announced a new line of Microsoft products Adobe Systems.
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