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Hack your iPhone or iPad can take a few minutes
Author : svn_dnepr
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16.02.2011 19:24:55
Experts say that hack your iPhone or iPad with the latest version iOS to get saved there passwords to access email very easily.
Hack your iPhone or iPad can take a few minutes
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Information Security Technology claim that the iPhone hack or iPad with the latest version iOS to get saved there passwords to access email and wireless networks can be just a few minutes, even if the owner has established a code that prevents unauthorized use of the device.
According to experts, the entire procedure for hacking the iPhone 4, running the current version iOS 4.2.1, takes about six minutes.
Researchers have found a vulnerability in the security mechanisms used, despite the fact that the protection of information in the system iOS applies strong encryption standard AES-256,
It turned out that the user details for accessing e-mail, Wi-Fi-networks and other sensitive data stored service keychain, you can recover with physical access to the device.
To obtain the password needed to carry out the procedure JailBreak for access to the file system device. Tools for this purpose produce the hackers as new versions iOS. For example, a program for implementation of JailBreak for Apple devices with iOS 4.2.1, which does not require repeat procedures break after every reboot of the device, was introduced last week.
Then, on a smartphone has been copied in a program established by researchers, script, launch which displays the passwords. Some passwords, in particular, are stored mobile browser to access various web services, using the method described above will not be able to find out. However, access e-mail, you can easily find out by using the function of sending forgotten password to the email box provided for the creators of most sites.
As we have previously reported that Apple has completed work on a patch that closes vulnerabilities on the operating system iOS, allowing to carry out hacking smartphone iPhone, Tablet PCs and players iPad iPod touch.

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