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Flash technology in design sites
Author : svn_dnepr
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04.02.2011 13:08:12
Animation quality is now an integral part of this industry, such as site development.
Flash technology in design sites
High quality animation, created using software from Adobe or Macromedia, is now an integral part of this industry, as website development .
Banners, photo galleries, as well as whole blocks of the site, very often made using Flash technology. Not surprisingly, in recent years are sites solely on this tehnologii.Odnako in Flash application is, as its pluses and minuses. And it is not always advisable to use this technology to develop web applications.
So what's different from the usual Flash Gif animation? And the fact that this technology involves the use of a scripting language Action Script, thereby giving the designer the opportunity arises, which he did not dream, it is used Gif animation. This is not an easy language, especially the third generation of Action Script.
A bit of sad. The more complex a web application, the more problems with him there. Unfortunately it is a fact. Often, problems arise with the compatibility of Flash and Web browsers. If the latter does not have the plugin, then view the Flash animation not be possible. Well, if it was just hype, but still is not yours, and if there was useful information that you would like to convey to the user? In the west, such problems hardly arise, however, in the Russian Internet, such incidents are very frequent.
The first and most important thing is not indexing Flash sites by our search engine, so the race under the name of promotion of sites, you do not have to participate. Perhaps in the distant future, this problem will be exhausted, but now need to be with her.
Flash technology in design sites
second problem. Create animated Flash websites in recent practically possible host site to update its contents.
disadvantages of Flash technology enough , however, and the advantages are many. Simply, you need to successfully apply this technology in the right places, then everything will be okay. Using Flash will make your site more dynamic and colorful original. It is best to use it in individual units, such as the cap site, or for example in parts of the menu.

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