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Novelties Corel
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22.11.2010 10:45:24
Sales, new program from Corel: graphic package CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 with Russian interface
Novelties Corel
Sales, new program from Corel: graphic package CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 with Russian interface, a tool for editing video amateur Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 CorelDRAW and Photo Editor Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3.
Graphics Suite X5 includes more than fifty new and improved features ; in this release greatly enhance management and color, as well as working with Web graphics. The package also includes an extensive selection of educational materials and a rich collection of ready content for use in design.
The emphasis in the new version of the graphical package is on innovative solutions to the demand of the majority of users from different industries, such as the creation of signage, graphic design, fashion design , large format printing, marketing, printing and small business.
With CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 users have better access to the content. In this issue appeared Corel CONNECT - brand new built-in application, synchronized with CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT and provides quick access to content that is stored on a computer on a network or on disc. In addition, the release of X5 is supported by over 100 popular file formats, from such a wide compatibility to users has become much easier to work with the files together and to share with clients and colleagues. By tradition, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite also includes a rich set of fonts, pictures and other supporting materials, including:
10,000 high quality images and other digital images;
1000 professional free digital photos with high resolution;
1000 fonts, OpenType, including Windows Glyph List 4 (WGL4) and font for engraving;
2000 templates vehicles;
350 professional design templates.
With the new and improved features that appeared in issue X5, users can work with full confidence as a result. Among the useful new features - a tool "B-spline, updated styling tools, customized tips, improved tools for connectors and size, as well as a new tool size segments." Greatly improved tool, Fill the grid ": now it allows for smoother color transitions when creating objects with multicolor fill. New tools for working with Web graphics allow you to work directly in the scanning mode in CorelDRAW and provide a detailed view image pixels. In addition, you can now preview the finished schedule before publishing online.
Package CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 includes the following components: CorelDRAW - simple and user-friendly application for creating vector graphics and page layouts; Corel PHOTO-PAINT - professional software for editing images; Corel PowerTRACE - A utility for quick and accurate conversion of raster images to editable vector graphics, and Corel CAPTURE - A utility for instant screen capture .
Novelties Corel
The package came in and the absolute novelty - the application Corel CONNECT. This built-in full-screen Content Manager, which lets you browse and quickly locate the most suitable graphics on your computer and LAN. Package CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 also includes a set of supporting applications, a rich set of ready-graphic content and more detailed training resources.
New Russified version of Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 has a rich functionality and combines the tools for editing video, creating multimedia content, implementing special effects in real time, and also means the DVD and Blu-ray discs. All this allows videolyubitelyam achieve professional results using a simple and intuitive environment with maximum efficiency. Thanks to the high speed and the minimum for this class of software rendering time editor Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 is now able to perform several common tasks in half the time compared with the previous version. This is achieved by optimizing the software to work with new, more productive chipsets and processors such as Intel Core i7. The new version also provides the possibility of multi-core and parallel computing using graphics processor with support for new technologies such as NVIDIA CUDA, which provides impressive performance and optimizes the entire workflow .
Novelties Corel
In Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 are professional tools for organizing your photos, edit images, write files to disc images and publications, as well as for the first time supports high-definition video (HD), which will meet the growing needs of contemporary photographers to the workflow.
Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 stands among other applications, uniquely combining the functions of photo editing, image management and management of creative projects.
addition of several new features and improvements Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 continues to offer advanced features for editing photos, including tools for HDR images, local voice-compression curves and levels adjustment (Curves and Levels), adjusting perspective as well as learning tools such as "learning centers" to help newcomers become better acquainted with the application and quickly achieve great results.
Novelties Corel
Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 also includes a solution Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4, allowing initial tour of digital art.

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