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Sharing EH.ua launch a paid version
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21.03.2011 20:24:17
The portal already buys content. Now in the final stage is about 40 contracts with the owners of rights.
Sharing EH.ua launch a paid version
until July-August 2011 the Ukrainian file sharing resource EX.ua plans to launch a paid version with content authorized by the rights holders. This was reported by the representatives of the portal together with representatives of owners and producers of music content.
In particular, the representative of the portal Yuri PISKOVYI reported that the portal has already begun to purchase content. Now in the final stage is about 40 contracts with the owners of rights, wrote LigaBusinessInform.
paid resources will look like a version of the portal with advanced features, some additional features (such as IP-telephony, or allows you to disable ads) and except for access to all content portal will offer access to content, the authorized owner.
There are several models on which the portal is working or will work with the owners of the rights to the content - is hosted by the holders of product catalogs, can pay for this content, its review or downloading through the payment system, which plans to launch the resource.
also consider placement of content, such as for promoting a certain artist, and the possibility of introducing a monthly fee to users. According to representatives of the portal, drawing on international experience and taking into account Ukrainian realities, the board should be about $ 1.
the owner of the content portal can agree on different ways to accommodate, for example, tracks: part - paid access, part - available for download, and some - for review online, and so on
As reported on the website is currently being negotiated with the owners and the rights to distribute film production in Russia and Ukraine .
Sharing EH.ua launch a paid version
PISKOVYI noted that now the treatment of owner who can prove their rights, the content will be closed and eventually authorized the content on the portal will be more.
we have previously been reported that the service information storage EX.ua could soon be paid, and that this option rassmatrivaetsya after the resource in the "black list " of the American Association record.

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